Agriculture-Training Program

One of the skills-training programs that we provide to students is agricultural training. Every student who attends our Bible college is trained in basic agriculture using drip-irrigation. Students are taught how to set up compost piles (for fertilizer), dig raised beds using the compost, and set up five-gallon buckets with drip lines running across the raised beds to irrigate the vegetables (see picture below). They are also taught how to use grass to cover the raised beds (reduce evaporation) and how to rotate their crops. Students in our three-year program are taught other food-production skills (e.g., introduction to new types of vegetables to improve family nutrition, food-preservation, marketing of vegetables, etc). The intent is that our students will go home not only better able to support their own families, but will also be able to teach this skill to many others in the future.

Not only do we train our students in agriculture, but we also conduct agriculture training workshops in villages throughout the country. Because we believe ministry should be holistic, these agriculture workshops function as a vital component of our overall strategy to advance the kingdom of God. Just as Jesus utilized a holistic strategy to establish the kingdom of God on earth (Mt 4:23-24; 9:35), so do we in our efforts to advance the kingdom of God (as the kingdom should transform humanity both physically and spiritually).

  • First step: Dig the trenches.
  • Second step: Fill the trenches with compost which provides fertilizer for the vegatables.
  • Third step: Fill in the trenches with dirt to form a raised bed.
  • Fourth Step: Cover the raised beds with mulch.
  • Fifth Step: Install the drip-irrigation equipment (bucket & drip lines).
  • Sixth Step: Plant the seeds (or seedlings) along the drip lines where the small holes are located.