Medical Missions

For several years we conduct a major medical mission in partnership with the Sycamore View congregation in Memphis, TN. Joe Godley served as the Mission Coordinator for this mission each year. The effort involved about 60 participants each year (about 30 from the USA and 30 from Zambia). Participants are primarily medical doctors, nurses, dentists, and optometrists from the USA, as well as several Zambian healthcare workers. This effort began in 2007 and more than 15,000 patients were treated during the first three years that the mission was conducted in the Central Province of Zambia (between Kapiri Mposhi and Serenje).

However, in 2010, it was decided that these large-scale medical mission efforts were extremely expensive and did little to provide long-term care to people. In addition, we did not believe that this approach was in keeping with our mission philosophy to empower people and to implement sustainable solutions to problems. Thus, since 2010 we have been conducting small-scale, medical mission efforts in the Kafue District and we have been working with local villages and clinics to either provide or develop mechanisms to provide medical care, medicine, and equipment where it is needed most. In 2011 we shipped in a container of donated medical equipment that was distributed to clinics in the Kafue District. In addition, we have conducted small, periodic medical missions when healthcare workers come to assist us in Zambia.

Want to participate in a small medical mission?

If you are a healthcare worker and would like to offer your services to helping the people of Zambia, then you can write to us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) of your interest and we will be happy to work with you in order to make this happen.

Would you like to help?

Donate Prescription Eyeglasses.

If you have used pair of eyeglasses that you would like to donate, you can do so by following the directions outlined on the following link (click here).

Dr. Judy Jones is one of our two optometrists. She has established a legal, non-profit ministry called, “Insightful Ministries,” which collects and organizes our optical clinic each year. You can either donate eyeglasses or make contributions to this ministry with which to purchase reading glasses (click here for further information).

If you would like to make financial contributions to help fund these medical missions, you can do so by sending your contributions to one of the following two addresses:

Zambia Missions
Attn: Medical Missions
1910 Sycamore View Rd
Memphis, TN 38028

Be sure to state what your contribution is for, if you have a preference (e.g. buying medicine, medical supplies, equipment, general expenses, etc).

Insightful Ministry
Attn: Dr. Judy Jones
4023 Brunswick Road
Bartlett, TN 38133

Be sure to state what your contribution is for, if you have a preference (e.g. buying reading glasses, eye medications, equipment, general expenses, etc).

Need more information (click here )

Long lines
Long lines greet our arrival each day (some having walked 20-30 miles the day before in order to get treatment)
Dr. Kelly Green
Dr. Kelly Green treats a sick girl.
Drs. David More and Judy Jones
Drs. David More and Judy Jones give eye-examinations to about 250 patients each day.
pull teeth
Our Dentists pull about 350 teeth per day.