Building and Development Projects

We are currently in the process of building our new campus at Daybreak in the village of Shimabala. This 50-acre campus is located just 20 miles south of Lusaka (capitol of Zambia), just off Zambia’s primary highway running north and south through Central Africa. Listed below is a list of construction projects that we have already completed or will be attempting to complete in the next next few years. Also provided below is a list of our vehicles necessary for the work.

Future Construction Projects (most urgent in bold font):

  • Married Student Housing  (10 additional apartments for our married students).
  • Student Chicken House  (for third-year students).
  • Teacher Houses  (4 teacher houses).
  • Grinding Mill  (for students and for animal feed).
  • Auditorium  (need to complete; used a church and second classroom).
  • Classroom  (for third-year students).
  • Teacher Offices (offices and store rooms for resources/equipment).
  • Chicken House  (increase production for future self-sustainability of the ministry)
  • Skills Training Workshop (auto garage, welding, wood work, etc).
  • Grocery Store (for selling student vegetables and chickens grown on campus).
  • Visitor House (for visiting teachers from the USA).

Completed Projects:

  • Classroom Building.
  • Business Office.
  • House for Kerin's Kids (Kerin).
  • Staff Houses for 5 Junior Staff members.
  • French house (David & Lorie).
  • Student Dorm (housing for 12 students).
  • Duplex -- Housing for two married students.
  • House for Director of Bible College (Senior Staff).
  • House for Business Manager (Senior Staff).
  • Workshop (covered garage for auto repair, welding, construction, etc)
  • Primary School (K-7 grades)

Needed Vehicles:

  • Toyota RAV-4
  • Tractor (needs major repairs)