Overview of Daybreak Bible College

Mission Statement: To train self-supporting, spiritual leaders who are equipped for holistic rural ministry throughout Central Africa.

Daybreak Bbile Collage (DBC) is dedicated to training spiritual leaders -- men and women of integreity who know God and live lives that are in keeping with the teachings of Jesus.  True disciples are those who obey the teachings of Jesus.  Discipleship is not merely about going to church on Sunday mornings, it is about spiritual transformation of the heart and mind.  Above all else this is the primary goal of DBC.

It is also the goal of DBC to equip our students so that they can be self-supporting in ministry.  Few churches in Zambia are able to support full-time evangelists.  Because many schools have failed to equip their graduates with the skills to supporting themselves, many preachers and evangelists in Zambia have become a burden to their churches.  It is for this reason that DBC desires to train our students with the skills to supporting themselves and the ministries in which serve.  Because DBC has determined to train men for rural ministry, agricultural training has become a major component of the students' training.  This training begins immediately upon their arrival at DBC so that students are able to become self-supporting after the first three months.  Thereafter the students support themselves and their families while attending DBC.  The goal is for our students to become so effectient in farming (using drip-irrigation) that they will be able to teach others to do likewise when they return home.

The training at DBC is also designed to equip students for holistic ministry.  Not only are students and their wives taught Bible and equipped for spiritual ministries, but they are also given training in several humanitarian ministries.  This training not only includes agriculture (mentioned above) but it also includes training in how to start a community school (and/or serve as a community school teacher), how to organize the church or community to minister to children and orphans in the community, basic medicine, preventive healthcare (e.g. nutrition, santitation, malaria prevention, HIV-AIDS prevention, food-preservation, etc), marriage and the family, business, and many other practical life skills.